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Most buyers, whether it be first time buyers interested in smaller properties or seasoned home buyers interested in large properties are shopping for a new lifestyle, not merely a new property.

The traditional means of taking a land based photo simply cannot capture the lifestyle feel of a property in the way real estate agents require. Gone are the days with long descriptions trying to explain the feel of the property, only to be met with potential buyers who formed a different mental picture. At Sky High Photography we truly believe that Altitude Matters.

We aim to capture the essence of any property with high definition photo, video or a combination of both at various angles and altitudes at rates that land based photographers and videographers will frown upon.

Contact us today and let us help you sell your property.


Nothing beats that one in a million photo on your special day. Make the most of your wedding by adding our pictures or video to your existing package.
Adding a little altitude to your wedding album is guaranteed to take your wedding footage from fabulous to absolutely breath-taking.

We work together with your chosen photographer to capture those special moments at altitude and offer complete custom solutions based on your budget and requirements. Let your photographer be the director and leave the flying to us. After all, that’s what we do best.


The ability to inspect a wind turbine without the risk of personal injury or even death is arguably the most important aspect of what we do.

Within five minutes of unloading our equipment we can be at the top of the wind turbine, carefully examining the structure and the blades from every angle. As we fly, we film and record HD video and take guided still photographs of areas of interest.

Engineers on the ground receive live video and is able to see what we see as we fly. Whilst this is being done all personnel are safely on the ground, incurring no risk whatsoever.
In addition, the process of observing and recording each turbine blade no longer requires repositioning the blades after the turbine has been stopped. Turbines can be filmed wherever they cease rotation, which helps to reduce downtime.


Roof Inspection and Maintenance are important aspects of property ownership and property transfer during property sales. Evidence in terms of physical photos of the overall roof condition not only protects the buyer and seller of a property, but also the estate agent.

Proactive roof maintenance can help property owners, whether residential or commercial to save money by avoiding unnecessary roof repair costswhilst prolonging the overall life of their roof.
We can do a thorough aerial inspection of your roof, no matter how big or how small. Should potential problems be identified, we will get our expert roof inspector to your property at no additional charge to probe further and provide a detailed quote for your roofing repair needs.
Keep your home and work families safe! Call us today and get that peace of mind.


Monitor and prevent damage or loss before it occurs. The recent use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) for precision farming, has revolutionised current agricultural survey methods.

Sky High Photography offers a very healthy return on investment by significantly reducingthe land hours required to survey by foot. We are much more affordable than monitoring with aeroplanes, provide much higher resolution than that of satellite photography, and primarily fly below cloud cover – a fundamental attribute in the South African climate.

At Sky High Photography, we provide aerial filming and aerial photography services tailored to your specific needs. Our high definition camera films at ultra-high resolution, allowing for incredibly detailed aerial shots to be recorded, and can cover many hectares during just a single flight. Monitoring your land with precision farming technology enables you to achieve tasks that would have previously been expensive, time consuming, or impossible.

Drones in agriculture are typically used for monitoring or analysing:

•   Land for insurance claims
•   Plant counts
•   Erosion
•   Soil moisture levels
•   Canopy height and cover
•   Crop colour and density
•   Damage, weeds, disease, and pests
•   The impact of pesticides
•   Growth and fruiting stages
•   New development potential

Although we are primarily based in the Eastern Cape, we travel nationally. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion.

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