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We're not just drone pilot's, we provide meaningful data that works

Sky High Photography (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Reghardt Alexander Buys, owner of Reghardt Alexander Photography and Drone Pilot School (Pty) Ltd. Reghardt is a passionate aircraft enthusiast, aspiring pilot, professional photographer and avid entrepreneur.

Reghardt Alexander Photography originally specialised in aerial helicopter real estate photography, videography and marketing. When drones and their obvious benefits hit the South African market several years ago Reghardt partnered with well known, retired Helicopter Charter and Training operator John Huddlestone and began the grueling application process with the South African Civil Aviation Authority for a Remote Operating Certificate and drone training institution named Drone Pilot School..

In addition to training and partnering with young entrepreneurs, the use of drones also vastly increased Sky High Photography’s scope of operations which now proudly offers fully legal drone photography and videography, commercial drone inspections, site surveys, drone mapping as well as DJI drone repairs..

So what sets us apart? We provide drone photography, professionally as we are full time professional photographers. All drone mapping, surveys and drone data is signed off by certified professionals in their respective fields as we partner with only the best professionals to present our clients with certified, meaningful information.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality drone photography, thermal drone imagery and data, with rapid turnaround times, for an extensive variety of business and industrial applications at competitive market rates.

Further, we do believe that drones have a massive future in the aviation industry and therefore we continue to  invest heavily in training drone pilots.  In addition to training, we also partner with small business owners who wants to use their own drones to start their own drone business.

Want to start your own drone business legally? Contact Us  and we’ll have you fly your own drone legally in no time.

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